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Electronics Recycling
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Hours of Operation:
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Electronics Recycler in Elkhart, Indiana

Do your part to prevent poisoning the environment with services from Computer Electronic Recycling Inc. of Elkhart, Indiana. Like our name suggests, we offer efficient electronics recycling for computers and most other types of electronics. There's no reason to throw your equipment away .  Help to prevent e-waste with services from our electronics recyclers in Elkhart, Indiana. 
Partial List Of What We Recycle:

Computer Equipment

Desktop Computers

Computer Towers


Keyboards & Mice


Modems & Hubs

NO CRT Monitors At This Time

LCD Flat Panel Monitors

Docking Stations

Parts & Accessories

Circuit Boards ($)

Mics. Wire & Cables ($)

Heat Sinks ($)

Memory Modules ($)

Hard Drives ($)

CD/DVD/Floppy Drives ($)

Power Supplies ($)

CPU's ($)

Rechargable Batteries

Office Equipment

Copy Machines

Fax Machines



Phone Systems


Paper Shredders

Card Readers

Intercom/Pager Systems

Household Electronics

VCR/DVD Players

Game Systems

Home Phones

Satellite/Cable Boxes

Microwave Ovens

NO CRT Televisions                  At This Time

LCD/Plasma Televisions

Cell Phones ($)

NO Console or Projection Televisions At This Time

 And Much More.............
   ($) = Scrap Value Paid. Call for prices.     ($) = Fee Charged to Accept these Items.

 Please Contact us for more information, and we will gladly provide full details.

Give the environment a break by calling our electronics recyclers at (574) 293-5123.

IDEM Registered Collector and Recycler for Indiana